Monday, August 13, 2012

Malaysian Curly Hair - Aliexpress

Hello bloggers,

So its been a really long time since I made a blog post but I'm going to revamp my page and start making more blog post.

My post for today will be about some hair that I ordered online.  After my last experience with beauty supply hair I decided to order my hair online hoping that I would get better quality hair but I was sadly mistaken.

A friend of mine orders her hair from the website and overall she had good results so I decided to give it a try.  So I watched different you tube videos as well with people who have ordered their hair online and then I did my research on the website itself researching different vendors and looking at the feedback from people that had ordered hair from them.  I was looking at so many stores that I was starting to give up hope, but I finally found a vendor that I liked and I ordered the hair.  After the bad experience I had with the virgin Indian curly hair I decided to with another texture the Malaysian curly virgin hair.  According to the vendor you are supposed to be able to dye this hair another color, and straighten the hair and have it return to its curly texture.  I ordered the hair on a Sunday and received the hair on Friday; the order came from China so that was fairly quick.  When the hair arrived it was very soft and pretty, didn't have any kind of bad odor (this sometimes happens when you order the hair), an there wasn't any linty fibers or a lot of grey hair strands mixed in.  I wasn't really concerned with the grey strand as I was planning to bleach and dye the hair an auburn red color.  I washed and colored the hair went and had it installed, and initially I was really pleased with how the color turned out and the quality of the hair (see picture below). I dyed my own hair as well because I left some hair out on the top and sides to make it look more natural.

In the beginning the hair was very pretty and I loved the curliness, but as time passed the hair began to tangle really bad.  I thought that it had some thing to do with how the hair was installed as the beautician who installed it quadrupled the tracks when sewing it in because I told her that I wanted it full.  I was so upset because it was a nightmare to take out.  So I took it out and had it re-installed; this time I had a different beautician do my hair and had them cut the tracks hoping that it would minimize the tangling but that wasn't the case and I now began to have a huge issue with shedding and the hair became very frizzy and puffy but I still tried to work with it (see picture below, excuse my face I was bored at work and ready to go home lol)

The beauty you see in the picture was short lived and the curls didn't bounce back the way they did in the beginning. The hair became very frizzy and hard no matter how much I kept it moisturized and conditioned.  Since the curls were not as defined as when I originally got the hair I decided to blow the hair out and flat iron to straighten it.  I didn't realize how hard it would be to blow it out...I will leave that to the professionals next time.  I was pleased with the final result and decided that I would just wear the hair straight until I found some new hair to order (see picture below...excuse the shine on my face it was really hot in my apartment when I took on this huge task).

My love of this hair in its straightened form was short lived once again because I soon learned that this hair in its straightened state does not hold a curl AT ALL!!  I permed the hair to completely take out the curl hoping that would help and it didn't. Even when I used the flexirods to curl it, when I took the rollers out I had beautiful curls but in a matter of minutes the curls dropped and the hair was a straight mess.

Overall, I ended up not being 100% happy with the hair but happy I was at least able to use it two times which is a step up from beauty supply store hair. Despite what they say this hair is very high maintenance and is not at versatile as advertised.  I am in the process of ordering me some new hair for my cruise in October but this time I am doing more THOROUGH research to ensure I get a better quality of hair and I'm going with a different vendor and texture - Brazilian Curly.  Blog post on the results of my search coming soon.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Hair Review: Outre Premium Natural Indian

This is my first time doing a hair review but I just felt I had to publish this because of the experience I had.

Its summer time and I wanted wear my hair curly because its just more convenient.  I was unsure of what kind of hair to get until the sales girl in the beauty supply recommended this hair to me, Outre Premium Natural Indian in French Kiss Wave.  This hair was very soft and pretty in the package so I decided to go with it.  When  I first installed the hair it was very pretty and soft and looked great.  Since I got the edges braided and the inside weaved I got 18" hair for the edges and 14" for the inside part that was sewn in.

Much to my surprise the beauty of this hair did not last past 1 week. The hair tangles very bad and shed TERRIBLY.  Every time I touch the hair at least 4-5 strand of hair come out, and when I detangle it daily a ball of hair almost the size of tennis ball comes out, I'm surprised my hair is even still full or that I have any hair left in this install with the amount of hair that comes out.  The instructions that came with the hair said not to add a lot of product to the hair but just water, but if I had done that I would have been walking around with a tangled mess on my head.  My friend and fellow blogger (mrsjarette) recommended that I use Cantu Shea Butter Leave in conditioner and that helped a lot.  

I really wanted to take this hair out after a month but I decided to work with it because I didn't want to waste my money and because I am going to South Beach Miami in a few weeks and I have ordered me some new hair from aliexpress.  Once I get the hair, install it and see how it does I will come back and do a review. As for the Outre Natural Indian hair I would not recommend using this hair based on my experience but maybe your experience will be different. Also, feel free to check out the different reviews on YouTube.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Nail It

So I am building up my summer color collection and these are just a few of the colors I picked up.  I try other brand of nail polish but I am addicted to Essie.  Here are 4 new colors that I have added to my collection.  I will update my blog of how the colors look on me

From Left to Right:  California Coral; Pretty Edgy

From Left to Right: A Crewed Interest; Splash of Grenadine

Barefoot in Blue

I know its been a long time since my last blog post but summer is coming so I'm hoping to be blogging more.

So I entered this contest on facebook between Toms shoes and Essie.  The have an initiative called One Day Without Shoes taking place on April 10th.  They are asking everyone to go without shoes so that kids dont have to.  I am not sure if I will be able to do that but I will try. Essie designed a special color for it called Barefoot in Blue and the first 100 people who signed up got a free bottle of the color.  I guess I made the cut because I received my polish in the mail today.  I am so excited to wear it.  To learn more about the Toms shoes initiative go to ONEDAYWITHOUTSHOES.COM

Friday, December 2, 2011

To The Max...

So ever since this summer I have been obsessed with maxi dresses.  I have found a few that I was able to get for the winter but I am so excited about these new maxi skirts I got. I have been eying them for a while and they finally went on sale at Old Navy (my favorite place to shop), and I was fortunate to stumble upon a the length in TALL (which usually they only sell online) so it extra long on me and I love it.  I got a black one and a navy blue one.  These skirts will be great with flats, or boots this winter and even better in summer with a tank top, a great belt and flat sandals or wedges.  I will try not to wear them too much in the winter to I will have them in the summer.

Also I tried the next color in my Essie neutrals collection called Chinchilly....I LOVE IT!!!  It a mix between a tan and grey.  I know I am going to end up using the color up this winter.  ENJOY!!!

What I Am Wearing
Skirt and Top: Old Navy ~ Nail Polish: Chinchilly by Essie

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Polka Dots

Sorry I haven't ,made a fashion post of my outfits in a while.  I haven't really worn anything that I want to post, but I loved my outfit so much after I got dressed this morning that I knew I had to make a post. At first I was unsure about mixing the two polka dots but when I described the outfit to my mom she said it would be fine.  I wanted to wear a shoe with a pop of color but I couldn't think of anything in my closet to throw on quick (cause I was running late) so I just went with black.  I love these shoes so much because the platform and wedge make them super comfortable AND I love anything with a ankle strap.  Also I have been wearing more color on my lips so that is where I added the pop of color.  Maybe I will wear this outfit to work this week but maybe with a flat since I don't really like to wear heels at work...Enjoy!!

What I Wore:
Skirt: Conway ~ Blouse: Old Navy ~ Shoes: Nine West ~ Belt: Re/Dress NYC ~ Accessories: H&M ~ Watch: Fossil ~ Nail Color: Licorice by Essie ~ Lipstick: Berry Haute by Revlon

Monday, November 14, 2011

A Splash of Color

My best friend and her sister told me that I need to start wearing color on my lips instead of just gloss.  So I stepped out of my comfort zone and decided to buy two colors.  I was nervous at first because I always thought that my lips were too big. I brought this nice bright fuchsia color and a pink.  It looks OK but I don't see myself wearing it on a steps LOL.

Color I'm Wearing:  Lips - Wet and Wild 521A ~ Sweater - Old Navy

2nd Annual Evolution of Curves Charity Fashion Show....The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

So this weekend I attended the 2nd Annual Evolution of Curves Charity Fashion show.  While it was nice that the event was to benefit the people of Haiti, there were some highlights and low lights.

The Good:

It was a nice night with the girls (and later "my boo"). The event was a charity event that would benefit the people of Haiti and help build homes for those displaced by the earthquake, that charity is Haiti Cherie Heritage which Sandy Jean Phillipe (CEO of Evolution of Curves) and her mother are founders.   The C.A.T.C.H. Foundation was also highlighted.  The foundation is about helping young women embrace their curves and to love themselves for who they are. It it geared towards helping young girls ages 9-12 build self esteem through activities such as dance classes and other outings. It also teaches plus size women how to stay healthy and fit, not necessarily skinny and dieting. I applaud that effort because it is good to help young girls and women learn to be confident in themselves no matter what size they may be but also promoting a healthy lifestyle, because just because you are a curvy girl doesn't mean that you can't be healthy.

The Bad:

While the event was for a good cause I did find it to be a little unorganized.  Initially there was no seating for myself or the other bloggers for the event and we had to wait to be seated. The hosts of the event could have also done a better job at keeping the attention of the crowd in between wardrobe changes for the different designers and not making it soooo obvious that the models were not quite ready. The models moved too fast so it was a little difficult to capture photos of the designers items. Also the special guest performer did not show up as originally advertised.

The Ugly:

As a curvy girl myself I understand that you need to be confident in yourself and comfortable with you body. While I feel that the models put on a good show, exuded confidence through the roof and some of the clothes were nice, I do feel like some of the outfits did not compliment the models bodies.  I know that when it comes to our clothing we do not want any discrimination and we would love to wear what someone a size 2, 6, or 8 would wear; but just because a designer makes something in your size doesn't mean that it is the right fit for you. However, if you do decide to wear certain things remember ladies: SPANX ARE OUR FRIENDS!!!

Overall the event was decent and benefited a good cause.  My hope is that for the 3rd Annual Evolution of Curves Fashion show things are a little more put together and organized.  Some of the designers highlighted were: Apple Bottom, Eyani Couture, Majestic Couture, and My Hunny.  Here are some pics from the event.  To learn more about Sandy and Evolution of Curves visit her website at and



Thursday, November 3, 2011

Apple Bottoms Presents... The 2nd Annual Evolution of Curves Charity Fashion Show "We Won’t Forget Haiti" Tour [NYC Edition]

Apple Bottoms Presents...
The 2nd Annual Evolution of Curves Charity Fashion Show
"We Won’t Forget Haiti" Tour
[NYC Edition]
As seen on TV- E! Network TV, STYLES Network & BET

Atlanta, GA (Nov 1, 2011) – "Curves are not only back with a vengeance... they are back with a purpose!" said Sandy Jean Philippe, as she debut "Evolution of Curves" last year on E! Network TV. One Chance ENT and Haiti Cheri Heritage Foundation has done it again! The 2nd Annual Evolution of Curves Charity Fashion Show "We Won’t Forget Haiti" Tour has been a success thus far! The tour focused on empowering and representing CURVY, full-figured women in a positive light and at the same time, raised funds to rebuild Haiti. But before it concludes it's 2011 tour, it must first grace the fashion trendsetting city of NY.

"Last year we purchased land in Haiti. This year we hope to build homes on those lands. Our goal is to get Haitian families out of tent city & into a real home! And what better way to do so by providing an exciting show with dance, fashion and curves!" ~Sandy Jean Philippe, Producer

On November 12, 2011, the tour will showcase it's 2011 final finale in New York City. The event will start @ 3pm at THE DIMENNA CENTER (Cary Hall) 450 West 37th St., Suite 502, New York, NY 10018. Doors will open at 2pm and tickets can be purchased online at or cash at the door.

This spectacular fashion show has been earning huge thumbs up and raving reviews through out LA and the East Coast. Audience from all the cities it toured, left the show inspired by the curvaceous beauties’ ability to walk the runway and was impressed by their high energy dance moves!

"I represent the largest plus size division and my models cant move like you gals. I love the entertainment value that you bring!" ~Sean Patterson (President of Wilhelmina Model Agency)
"In a world where the, skinny girls usually win, this event was a breath of fresh air! It is always great when fashion and volunteerism can come together for a great cause that will impact the world!" ~Yolanda Gibson (The Examiner).

Evolution of Curves (EOC) is the FIRST official curvy fashion show tour infusing the best in fashion, beauty, dance, curves and charity. EOC was founded in 2008 by a Haitian, full-figured model/actress & philantrophist, Sandy Jean-Philippe. Through education and empowerment, she is on a mission to prove to the world that talent comes in all sizes and that "Curvy" women have a place in society! For more information about EOC, please visit

Apple Bottoms Clothing (by Nelly) is the main presenter of the tour. Apple Bottoms has chosen EOC to be the first full-figured fashion show to sponsor. Their line is an international fashion lifestyle brand that caters to stylish women of all shapes. For more information about Apple Bottoms, please visit The show will also feature a few other clothing lines & local designers that cater to curvy size consumers such as Dress Barn, Eyani Couture, My Hunny and Majestic Couture.

The proceeds of the tour will go to Haiti Cherie Heritage Foundation (HCHF). HCHF is a 501(c) (3), tax exempt, non-profit organization that was established to address the needs of rural communities in Haiti since the January 12, 2010 earthquake. Because EOC's founder is Haitian, HCHF naturally became her charity of choice. For more information about Haiti Cherie Heritage Foundation (a 501(c) (3) tax exempt, non-profit organization) please visit .

For questions and more information, please email To RSVP a media outlet, celebrity or VIP guest, please submit your inquiry to along with brief bio or media credentials.

Special Performances by:

VH1 White Rapper Show

Surprise Special Guest Host

Celebrity/ VIP Support

While their schedules were hectic, these celebrities found time to donate their appearance for this cause and supported this event/tour: Recording artists Nivea, Khia (hit single "My Neck; My Back), Tiffany Evans & Truth Hurts. The celebrities and VIPs that rocked their curves as VIP Models for this charity are recording artists Carlysia Levert (Gerald Levert's daughter), Eshe (member of Arrested Development), Sandy J. Philippe (E Network's winner of Bank of Hollywood), Jelly (BET's Born to Dance), Maria Smith (Producer of Oprah Show) and Red Carpet Shelley. Other celebrities that showed their support include Ray Cunningham (BET's College Hill), Miss Sophia (V103's Frank & Wanda Show), Ervin Baldwin (NFL Chicago Bears), Jasmine Davis(Celebrity Matchmaker featured on Lisa Raye's The Real McCoy), Dymond Jazzel (infamous teen dancer/recording artist), The Gemini Twins, and Rein Child (Radio Personality).

Thank you to our sponsors:

Join hands with us and be part of something noble!
How you can help:

Sponsors: seeking drink, food, travel sponsors and those who can offer monetary sponsorship. Email We have an active 501c3 and all donations are a tax deductible.

Media: We are seeking media coverage in the following cities: DC, Miami, Orlando, NYC and Detroit to cover the event. Producer of tour is also available for any Radio Shows / TV Show interviews. Please email alistprfirm@gmail.comto set an interview up. Media, RSVP if you would like to attend and cover the story.

Bloggers: Attend our event for only 1/2 the price of general and sit on our VIP/Bloggers row (seat value of $45). All you have to do is post this press release on our blogs and then email us the link . Great exposure for your blogs and great story for your readers.

Photographers & Videographers willing to donate their services to this cause, please email us at You can watermark all your materials and also use it for promotional purposes & build your portfolio. Also be added to our sponsors list.

Performers: if you are interested in performing at any of the cities we are touring, please email (include city)

Female Models: All races. Full figured models only who wear sizes 10 & Up. No experience necessary. Email with CITY, photos, height & clothing sizes. DO NOT EMAIL WITHOUT THIS INFORMATION OTHERWISE YOUR EMAIL WILL BE DISCARDED.

Vendors: purchase your table at If you are interested in vending in our other cities, email with city of your choice.

Gift bag insertions email

When emailing us, please mention WHICH CITY you are referring to as this is a tour. In this case, say you are referring to the NYC tour!